July 6, 2012 MJAA Conference

I had an awesome opportunity to sing in the Marketplace at the MJAA in Grantham, Pennsylvania. The conference was filled with anointed teachings from Rabbis and speakers from all over the U.S.  We heard Ari and Shira from Israel, Michael Wold, Sid Roth, Barry and Batya also from Israel, Jonathan Bernis, Larry Feldman, Jonathan Kahn, Jack Hayford, Jeff Forman, Eric Walker, and many more. My favorite musicans were there and also some I had never heard...Marty Goetz, Paul, Wilbur, Ted Pearce, Barry and Batya and a youth group from Israel.  The line-up of speakers was amazing.  
I was able to sing 5 songs from my new album, 'A Voice Cries Out'.  I am honored to have such an incredible opportunity...I am forever grateful. My desire is to pursue the Presence of G-d and worship Him in spirit and in truth. I praise G-d for opening opportunities for me...I am so blessed! Thank you, Abba.

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