A voice cries out in the wilderness, prepare the way of the LORD; make straight in the desert a highway for our God.  - Is. 40:3; Matt.3:3

"A Voice Cries Out" ©2011

Diane Stough

I can hear the voices echo from the ancient past of Isaiah and Yochanan (John) calling out ..’prepare the way of the Lord’. The Lord spoke to me one night saying, “redeeming love is Yeshua’s (Jesus) story.” My desire is to touch the heart of God and His people with Yeshua’s story.

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Review by Josh Cohen and Bev Cohen 

The fruit of a lifetime of worship, Diane Stough's debut album, A Voice Cries Out, exudes a passion to glorify God. A Voice Cries Out is full of songs which have emerged from a deep immersion in the scriptures and which describe God's transformative power. 

Drawing from the ancient words of the Psalms at the heart of Israel's liturgy, proclamations from the Prophets, and some of the Gospels' most memorable moments, these songs resound with hope and joy of one who has experienced a deliverance which God alone could accomplish.  "Tree of Life," for instance, sets the familiar words of the Hebrew liturgy surrounding the Torah service to new melodies, while tracks like "What If" and "Water into Wine" tell stories of personal transformation following the pattern of Peter and others in the New Testament.

From the up tempo tracks to those which are slower and softer, the whole album features lyrics and melodies blended together in simple beauty, so that each reinforces the other. "The Final Sacrifice," begins by evoking Yeshua's crucifixion and death, and ends with the declaration of His resurrection.  As the song's narrative progresses from death to resurrection, so the music's energy builds to a crescendo.

Worship thrives on wonder, as Matt Redman observes,  and the vibrant music of A Voice Cries Out is not only full of wonder at God's glory, but inspires the same wonder with those who listen to it. A Voice Cries Out calls us to step out with both feet into the life of the Spirit, reminding us that God's love is once ancient and ever new, and invites us to be transformed by it.

Review by Sally Herring, Esq.

"A Voice Cries Out" is an exquisite album that touches the heart of Believers in Messiah Yeshua/Jesus, and woos those who do not yet know Him to step into the Holy of Holies. The melodies sweep into the listener's spirit, carrying one along as if on a 'real-time' ride with the Lord.  They leave the uncanny impression of 'being there,' of actually walking with Him (or dancing along side).  This is especially so in the words of "What If" and "Final Sacrifice."  The tracks for "A Tree of Life" and  "Glorify the Lord" uplift His Name, and reassure the listener of His constant presence.  And a special intimacy evolves as "Healing Streams," Soar Like an Eagle," and "Quiet Moments," ripple into the soul for reflection. "God of Mercy" brings one to knees of gratitude. The album leaves a lasting sense that the heart of God has been shared. You will rejoice, as the nature of God is revealed in these words and sounds.  

Review by Messianic Daily News   
"Messianic Music Round-Up: Diane Stough's A Voice Cries Out
by Suzann Sizemore 

Messianic worship leaders are truly the hidden treasures of the Messianic movement. Each week, they put great effort into putting together a time of praise and worship for their congreations that is both professional and led by the Ruach-a balance that takes great anointing and skill to strike. These worship leaders may also be gifted composers and songwriters who create beautiful songs with which to praise our Messiah. Untold numbers of people have been touched by these songs and by the ministry which these hard working directors so dutifully perform. But outside of their congregations, their work often goes unnoticed because their music is not available to a wider audience.

Thankfully, Diane Stough is sharing her musical gifts with the world. Best known as worship leader of Birmingham, Alabama's Congregation Beth Hallel, Stough has recently released A Voice Cries Out, an album filled with wonderful praise and worship songs that Stough wrote and composed herself. Messianic fans will appreciate the deep, meaningful lyrics, beautiful vocals, and the catchy choruses she has created. It is not difficult to immerse one's self in worship while listening to this album.

But A Voice Cries Out is more than just a worship album, according to Stough, it's a message.  Stough says on the Music page of her website, "I can hear the voices echo from the ancient past of Isaiah and Yochanan (John) calling out, 'Prepare the way of the Lord.'  The Lord spoke to me one night saying, 'redeeming love is Yeshua's (Jesus) story.' My desire is to touch the heart of God and His people with His story." Stough certainly does an excellent job of conveying through song the joy and peace that can be found by living a life for Yeshua.

To hear samples of her new album, visit Diane Stough's music page.

Review by Anne Causey, St. Vincent's ~ microbiologist

From the moment of the opening shofar blasts of "A Voice Cries Out" through the end of "Quiet Moments," this divinely inspired CD urges us to reflect on God's love for us, His majesty and His sovereignty. 

With beautiful music and lyrics born from a deep relationship with the Lord, we are invited into the Holy of Holies where we may meet with the Father in a very personal way. Yeshua's "Final Sacrifice" makes this invitation possible.

Long after listening to my personal favorite, "God of Mercy," the song replays over and over in my head.  It goes with me all day and continues to cause me to reflect with deep gratitude on His finished work on my behalf.  It makes a continual difference in my outlook throughout the day.

"What If" challenges us to reflect on what our life would be like if we had actually walked with Yeshua.  "What If" we had seen and experienced the miracles He performed.  Would we be changed?

This music is pure praise and worship of a sincere heart sold out to her loving Father. You will be blessed!